Hanging out the washing is a bit of a pain in the “back” for most Kiwis, so in true New Zealand style we invented Kiwi Klips.

Kiwi Klips hold your washing basket off the ground, meaning no more bending over to hang out the washing.

Attach one to your washing pole, a post, wall, fence, gate, nearly anything that doesn’t move. Installation only takes a few minutes and all the bits you need are right there in the box.

Kiwi Klips are craftily made with high-quality steel, and plated with zinc and chrome for New Zealand’s tough conditions. And naturally they come with a straight-up lifetime guarantee.

This number 8 invention is great for people with back problems, the elderly, pregnant women, or anyone that would just like to take the pain out of hanging out the washing.

Kiwi Klips - take the pain out of hanging out the washing


Save time hanging out your washing and save your back - no more bending!
QUICK AND EASY TO INSTALL at any height you choose. 
Will work with any sized or shaped basket with a rim.
No more putting baskets on dirty, muddy, wet surfaces.
Comes with a straight-up LIFETIME GUARANTEE.
Read about how Kiwi Klips were invented in our interview with NZ Entrepreneur Magazine!